Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!! LOL

Well I hit the big Hawaii 5-0 this year.  Have to say it wasn't as hard as I thought.  Nothing like when I turned 40 and went into despression and panic for weeks before hand.  Other then actually saying the number outloud (lol) it isn't that bad, I mean my AARP application came in the mail and all!!

But I recieved some of the best gifts and cards from my family and friends I just had to share them with you!!

My darling husband got me my coveted GREEN rolling chair and as an added surprise (besides the party he threw me) he also got me this beautiful colorful chest!!
When I got to work friends had decorated our lunch room with this Happy 50th Birthday banner!  I only took a photo of the center so you could see the detail in the letters, I'm sure you know the rest says Happy Birthday LOL
Here are a few cards made by my friends Shari, Gloria and a mother's day card made by my daughter.
Aren't they incredible!!!

And for the grand finale.......A personalized, walking advertisment T-Shirt for my blog!!!!
My very creative friend Shari made this for me.  I was blown away, I just had to share this with everyone!!

Here is the back of the T-shirt
So any of you going to Chicago CHA this summer you'll know me, I'll be advertising myself!!!!

A huge thank you to my husband, my children, my grandkids and my fantastic friends for a wonderful Mother's Day/Birthday weekend!!!!!

Thanks for visiting and happy scrapping!!



Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Liz. So glad you had such a wonderful weekend with Mother's Day and your birthday. Looks like you have a very supportive husband....those birthday gifts are so sweet for someone who crafts! Also, looks like you are in good company with your friends....very creative, just like you!

jessica said...

Happy Birthday Liz!!