Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creative Memories Scrapbook Kit

Here are a few more page layouts I did using a kit I bought several years ago from Creative Memories.  Haven't bought anything since unfortunately because I found my Cricut (LOL) and the happiness of scrapbook stores!!

WOW I found matting photos and layering now!  LOL  It's fun to go back through old layouts to see how they progress and how new techniques have come into my scrapping.

I remember being ecstatic that I layered these letters over each other to create a shadow. I thought I was on to something no one else knew about LOL!!  The individual letters were from a kit my sister had sent me a few years before.
Oh the joy when you finally figure out how to layer a Cricut cut (remember those first attempts at your Cricut??!!)
I totally did not get this until I attended a Cricut class given by the mother of someone I work with.  But oh boy, once I totally understood that little handbook I was on a roll!!

thanks for looking and happy scrapping!

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Jessica said...

I love your layouts!
I agree, the transformation that scrapbooking has undergone from back when CM first started hitting the scene (which was about 2003-2004 in my area), to now, is absolutely phenomenal. I think it (sb) is more appreciated as an art form now that it ever was before. Even the retro kits were cool, though. I still use my cutting mat with the green, red, and blue blade cartridges. I just looked on the site earlier today, and they didn't have anything like it online.