Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ABC's scrapbook album

When I first started working on this book I was so excited, but as each letter progressed I was having a hard time thinking of things for each letter.  It was also because summer and other family activities got in the way of my weekly get together with friends for our scrap night and slowly the book found it's way onto the shelf not even half done.

Here are a few more pictures of some of the pages I had done some time ago.
The journaling tag in the lower right was done using a program called "Journalling Genie".  I really didn't like my handwriting and decided to try this software.  As time has gone on I don't feel that way anymore and haven't used the program in quite awhile

When my grandson was very young he was addicted to balloons.  He would rather get a balloon as a prize then anything else.  I remember this birthday he got a power wheels and didn't look twice at it, all he wanted was the baloons!

When I journaled this page I used a balloon shaped tag. I was so proud that I thought to use a ribbon on the tag as the string LOL

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