Saturday, July 14, 2012

Paper Piecings by Nikki DT Posting

Welcome to Saturday and another posting of an adorable file by Paper piecings by Nikki!  Today I am showing you a digi stamp from the Little Monsters set (you can find it here).  I'm still trying my hand at digi stamps and I tried the same stamp with two different mediums.  Bic markers and colored pencils.  I'm not happy with either but I figured as long as I was learning I would still post and maybe get some tips on type of markers to use, how to set the printer ink or encourage some other newbie stampers that at first we all have learning curves.

Here is the digi I used colored pencils on and eventually turned into a card for my youngest grandson who will be turning 3! at the end of the month.

Side view to show all the layering

I added Liquid Pearls to the "crayon" portion to give it some brightness
Here is the digi I did using Bic markers.

The black printer ink ran even after I let the image dry for an hour, so I'm not sure if I should have sprayed something onto the paper before I tried using markers, I'll google that and find out, but I had colored a image that I had stamped using versmark black ink, used the same markers and no bleed, so it has to be something with my printer ink.  Also I  noticed that the paper tended to wear through causing fibers to pop up, so again it may have been the brand of paper I chose too.  All things I need to work on before I even try the more expensive markers.

But my inability to properly color doesn't take away from the adorableness of this file, so for all you seasoned stampers out there go visit Nikki's site for more digi patterns and please leave me some tips (pleez!!)


Patti Ross said...

Liz, I think you did an awesome job! I have not mastered coloring digi's I will follow you and learn from you!

Love the cards!!

Patti Ross
DT sister

My Crafting Channel said...

Too cute.


Anonymous said...

I have not colored digis yet.
When I do regular old stamps I like to use my stamp pad and a water brush or paint brush. I squeeze the lid gently onto the pad so some of the ink is there then I use the lid to mix ink with water then color. You can also add water to the color pencils to soften up the colors. Keep trying.
Sometimes it takes a while to get the effect you want and to find the coloring media that works for you.
dmcardmaker (at aol dot com)
(email follower).