Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stylish Blog award YAY!!

Thank you to Gloria at Girlia's Cards for this Stylish Blogger Award! In order to accept this award I have to
*Thank the person who gave me the award
*link it back to their blog
*Share 8 things about yourself
*Pass it on to eight people.
*Inform the individuals about their award.
So here goes:

1. I own an Australian cattle dog named Syd and I believe he is smarter then me!
2. I believe grandchildren are your award for putting up with your own kids :-)
3. I am an American Idol and Glee! junky
4. My favorite past time is crafting with my daughter
5. I view all the blogs I follow..even if I don't comment on each one
6. I have kept my promise to my DH that if I got a Miche purse for Christmas I would stop buying so many  purses..this was 2 years ago!!  (Yes it's been hard)..Miche covers don't count LOL
7. I adore picture frames and have them in clusters all over the house
8. I am totally addicted to the blogging community!

I will surf around and give out my 8 awards in a different post.  A big thank you again to Gloria!!!

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